Collision avoidance is one of the urgent topics on ship voyage at sea. Experts’ experience is still essential when a ship is in the danger of colliding with the others nowadays although a lot of electronic voyage supported apparatuses have been equipped on ships. To include these experts’ experiences to resolve the problems of collision, we design a fuzzy collision-avoidance expert system that includes a knowledge base to store facts and rules, an inference engine to simulate experts’ decision and a fuzzy interface device. Either a quartermaster or an autopilot system can then implement the avoidance action proposed in the research. To perform the ship task of collision-avoidance effectively, a robust autopilot system that is based on the state space H∞ control methodology is designed to steer a ship safely for various outer surroundings at sea in performing course keeping, course-changing and route-tracking more robustly. The integration of fuzzy collision-avoidance and H∞ autopilot systems is then proposed in this paper.

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