The performance of aluminum alloys used as sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in seawater was investigated in this study, Results show that A1 -3.5%Zn -0.05%In sacrificial anode alloy C has the best current efficiency, most negative open circuit potential and energy characteristics among five different Al-Zn-In alloys. Polarization curve of alloy C also shows no passivation behavior in artificial seawater. The corrosion rate of mild steel in artificial seawater was determined as a function of applied cathodic potential. The cathodic protection potential determined for mild steel in seawater was -0.78 V,SCE for a corrosion rate of less than 1 mpy. The protective area ratio of steel to sacrificial anode has been measured. Steel can be protected under the area ratio up to 4000-5000.

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