The flow characteristics and velocity fields of swirling doubleconcentric jets at a high central jet Reynolds number were studied. The central jet Reynolds numbers varied from 700 < Rec < 1000. The flow behaviors of the swirling double-concentric jets were observed using a laser light sheet assisted by a smoke-wire flow visualization technique. The time-averaged velocity vectors and streamlines, normalized velocity contours, fluctuation intensity contours, and vorticity contours were carried out using particle image velocimeter (PIV). Two characteristic flow modes are classified: the central jet-dominated radial flow occurs at a low annular jet Reynolds number while the high-turbulence swirling wake appears at a high annular jet Reynolds number. The flow feature of the central jet-dominated radial flow presents a wideopen shear layer because of the effect of a high-speed deflected central jet. A large dual-ring vortex in the wake and two pairs of vortices in the gap between the control disk and primary disk in the high-turbulence swirling wake mode appear. The turbulence intensity in the high-turbulence swirling wake were significantly larger than those in the central jet-dominated radial flow.

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