As the concept of ship structure lifecycle management has emerged, lots of endeavors have been made to apply computeraided (CAX) technologies to various business activities in the whole lifecycle of ship structure. However, information integration or data exchange were barely considered in most of CAX systems development. Hence the systems produce masses of data in their own formats, generate many information islands, and reduce the overall efficiency. It often needs much work of data preparation when downstream systems start working. Information integration can reduce data redundancy, form unified data platform and provide data resource for marine structure lifecycle management. This paper presented an integrated ship structure lifecycle management framework based on these approaches. Requirements for the framework are discussed based on the features of ship structure lifecycle management process first. Based on data exchange mechanism and integration model, the proposed framework consists of several subsystems. The designed framework is embodied within a prototype system and its usefulness is examined through management practice of a 298,000 DWT VLCC.

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