In many hydraulic engineering investigations of flow-induced vibration responses, a model test is necessary but yet expensive. In this article, an equilibrium equation between the operation of fluctuating pressure and the work done by damping is established to provide a simplified analytical method for estimating the flow-induced vibration responses of hydraulic structures caused by water flow fluctuations. This approach is based on the Westergaard solution. The flow-induced vibration of water flowing around a dividing wall, the flood discharge vibration of the Liuxihe arch dam, and the flow-induced vibration of the Ertan hyperbolic arch dam are presented to explain the detailed procedure of this method. In addition, three examples are given to prove the feasibility of this technique. Among these, the calculated vibration value of the Ertan hyperbolic arch dam is slightly greater than those obtained from the results of the hydroelastic model that was based on experimental and prototype observations. If the calculated value of the vibration is relatively small based on the proposed method, carrying out model tests therefore becomes irrelevant. The results presented in this paper are useful and applicable to hydraulic engineering.

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