The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the dynamic responses of micro-grid with Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) system. The power sources of the studied micro-grid system include an OTEC generator and a wind generator. Three different types of OTEC generation systems, i.e., open-cycle, closed-cycle, and hybrid-cycle, are considered, under the conditions with the same temperature of sea water and output of generator. When the system operates in an islanding or gridconnected mode, the responses subject to load variation are quite different. As the system operates in the grid-connected mode, the voltage and frequency are less affected by the load changes; while the system operates under the islanding mode, affected voltage and frequency can be regulated by the exciter and the governor respectively and will return to a new stable state. According to the results, it is shown that the OTEC system can be regarded as a steady and reliable power supply in the micro-grid.

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