The paper presents a pioneer study on numerical modeling of dynamic behavior for port structures using the performancebased seismic design in Taiwan. Since Taiwan is located in earthquake prone area, there is significant interest in improving prediction of the behavior of port structures subjected to seismic loading. The investigation of port structures using three different analysis methods including the simplified analysis, the simplified dynamic analysis, and the dynamic analysis were adopted for evaluating the performance of the cellular quay wall and sheet pile quay wall. In addition, the effective stress analysis with the consideration of the pore pressure generation and soil/ liquid coupled analysis was conducted for the dynamic analysis. A new procedure to evaluate the feasibility of the performance-based seismic design for cellular and sheet pile quay walls were also proposed. Results obtained demonstrate that the performance-based seismic design can properly be applied on port structures. In addition, the dynamic analysis can be used to evaluate the interaction behavior of foundation and soil as well as to model pore pressure excitation which may be very useful to evaluate the soil liquefaction.

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