This paper presents an experimental study on the hydrodynamic performance of a new type of deep draft multi-column FDPSO. The operating depth of this new type FDPSO is 1500 m. The main dimension, the special variable cross-section column and the cabin arrangement of the octagonal pontoon are introduced. As taking into account the depth limit of the water basin, the 300 m water-depth equivalent truncated mooring system is adopted. The platform’s natural period and dimensionless damping coefficient were measured out by the free decay experiment. The FDPSO's motion responses in operation condition and self-survival condition are studied. At the same time, the tension characteristics of mooring system are analyzed. Then, a numerical simulation is adapted to verify the effectiveness of the truncated mooring system. Based on the 3-D potential flow theory, the motion differential equation is calculated by applying the time domain method. The numerical simulation method is also used to study the effect of current velocity on the platform's surge motion response in the self-survival condition. The results of this study would provide references for the design of the variable cross-section column FDPSO.

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