The inter-area oscillations in large interconnected power systems often have features of being low-frequency, lightly damped, and affecting relatively more generating units located in multiple areas. They restrict the allowable power flow on tielines and may lead to unexpected contingencies if it is not to be in proper observation. The main objective of this paper is to present a small signal stability analysis applied to Vietnam Power System which is a longitudinal network structure with the consideration of Power System Stabilizers (PSS) in operation to enhance the damping of inter-area oscillation by using local as well as remote feedback signals via phasor measurement unit (PMU). Based on the use of the eigenanalysis and PMU, the study results show that by determination installation location of PSSs and selecting the remote control signal properly, power oscillation on the tie-lines was significantly reduced. Both linear analysis and time-domain simulation are used to investigate the performance of the power system. The results have also illustrated the effectiveness of the PMU application in large power systems.

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