Conventional methods for inspecting submarine pipelines under certain complex conditions are inadequate. A new method for inspecting the status of submarine pipeline based on a Multi-beam Bathymetric System (MBS) that can function under these conditions is proposed to resolve these shortfalls. Dual sonar sensors are employed in this method and the optimization of system parameters is undertaken to allow inspection of the submarine pipeline status in real-time at the Shengli Oil Field in Dongying, Shandong Province. The inspection results are presented in both two- and three-dimensions. Compared with the traditional MBS with a single sonar sensor, our tests indicate that the stability and reliability of the pipeline status inspection data are greatly improved by employing an MBS with dual sonar sensors. The results of the dual sensors, which obtained high-density point cloud data of the submarine pipeline at great depths, are shown visually in 3D simulation and are presented in several ways. Combined with the optimized system parameters, the dual sonar system significantly improves the detection efficiency and allows the actual status of submarine pipe to be determined more precisely. This new method can be extended to practical engineering applications for pipeline status inspections under complex deepsea conditions

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