This paper proposes the design and evaluation methodologies for a remote human-machine interface (HMI) system for motor winding machines. An electric motor with an interior rotor evaluates the system performance. The motor winding machine has a 3 degree-of-freedom motion space controlled by a motion control kernel: IMP-2. Real-time data of the motor winding status is crucial for ensuring quality and reliability and detecting malfunction, which facilitates the development and control of mass production of electric motors. Hence, a realtime monitoring interface is essential. This paper presents a LabVIEW-based HMI, which transfers the winding statuses of a winding machine to remote clients through the Internet. A web-based, real-time, and user-friendly graphical interface that employs LabVIEW as the transfer medium is proposed to implement the information exchange platform. Real-time experimental results are published on a website for examination by qualified end users. Illustrative schemes and a demonstration video are provided for comprehensive understanding.

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