This paper presents an extended quality function deployment (QFD) approach that incorporates fuzzy logic to decrease the subjectivity of relationship strength and equip enterprises with better improvement techniques to fulfill customers’ needs and enhance their relationship quality. The proposed fuzzy QFD (FQFD) model is simple, flexible, and easy to understand. The empirical case examined in this paper demonstrates the efficiency of the process and indicates five critical techniques for improving quality of relationship with the customer. Overall, the FQFD approach requires only an average amount of data that can be collected quickly. The requisite calculations do not require any sophisticated knowledge or cumbersome statistical procedures. Our results can provide directions for home delivery company improving the relationship quality with customers. Progress can be measured by continuously evaluating performance against a competitor's or the industry leader's performance. We have tested the model empirically in the home delivery industry with one case example, and are interested in extending its application to other industries and operation management issues.

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