The principal purpose of this paper was theoretically to study the carbonation resistance of a semi-infinite medium which concrete has a mortar coating having diffusion properties different from those of the rest of the medium. The analytical solution of a semi-infinite composite medium was used to predict the time required for subsidence due to concrete with mortar coating. The inaccurate analytical solution was published in previous books. Thus, the analytical solution of a semi-infinite composite medium is re-derived in this article. The governing equations without initial and boundary conditions in the previous books are also pointed out. In order to verify the feasibility and applicability for this analytical solution, the previously experimental data were cited as input parameters. The investigated results show that the calculated time required for subsidence of concrete subjected to mortar coating is in good agreement with that the measured time required for retard the carbonation of concrete with surface mortar coating. The present studied results may be offered as a crucial reference for durability design of newly building concrete or reinforced concrete (RC) structures.

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