Kinmen is suited as an important tactical location for Taiwan, despite being a small island with scarce resources. A number of soldiers defend Kinmen for essential military reasons. Therefore, logistics in Kinmen are very important, especially with regard to the military. Generally, necessary goods and materials for Kinmen are transported from Taiwan by ship or air. However, inclement weather in Kinmen often causes delays and difficulties in transportation. This is a serious problem for Kinmen military logistics. To enhance and increase transportation performance, military logistics centers need to evaluate feasible transport modes based on efficiency and cost, and then select an optimal transport mode. In this study, we applied a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (fuzzy AHP) in the selection of transport modes for Kinmen military logistics. The pairwise comparison comments on selecting candidate transport modes for Kinmen military logistics were from interviews with practical users (i.e., soldiers in Kinmen). By converting interviewees’ comments into fuzzy pairwise comparison matrices, fuzzy AHP was utilized to prioritize these matrices in order to find an optimal transport mode for the Kinmen military to execute logistics effectively and efficiently.

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