In the keen competitive port market, service effectiveness has become a key to customer satisfaction and loyalty for port operators in future business endevors. The main purpose of this article was to apply the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) model to evaluate key factors influencing service effectiveness for Keelung Port in Taiwan. Based on the port literature and experts’ opinions, a hierarchical structure with 5 assessment aspects and 15 assessment criteria was first constructed. A fuzzy AHP model was then proposed. Finally, we employed the fuzzy AHP model to empirically evaluate the key criteria of service effectiveness. The results showed that the top seven key criteria influencing service effectiveness of Keelung Port are ‘accuracy,’ ‘reliability,’ ‘availability,’ ‘totality,’ ‘increasing the efficiency of core logistics activities,’ ‘port pricing,’ and ‘reducing the time of non-value added activities,’ respectively. Furthermore, some discussions and recommendations are provided in this article.

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