In this paper, we conducted a series of numerical experiments to find the most suitable maximum wind speed radii for the parameterized typhoon model. Different maximum wind speed radius equations were used to generate different wind fields, which were then input into the MIKE21 Spectral Wave (SW) model. The wave height results from the MIKE21 SW model were compared with the measured results, and rootmean-square error (RMSE) analysis was conducted to find a good maximum wind speed radius equation for use as the basis for wind field generation in the future. The RMSEs were then scored according to this order. The lowest score indicated the best choice for the maximum wind speed radius equation. The SG02 equation (Silva et al., 2002) is the best maximum wind speed radius equation, was followed by the WA78 equation (Wang, 1978), it means that the radius of maximum wind is set to be 10% of the radius of Beaufort Scale 7 wind. For convenience of calculation, we recommend the WA78 equation, which is a reliable maximum wind speed radius equation.

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