Criteria of sea area royalty for port transportation are important technical bases to operate marketization of sea. According to factors such as the geographic position of the sea, peripheral social-economic development status and environmental conditions, this paper establishes an evaluation index system of royalty criteria. It builds a calculation model of criteria of sea area royalty for port transportation using an interpolation method, collects relevant index data of 19 coastal areas (cities or districts) in Zhejiang Province and calculates the criteria for sea area use royalty of the Dinghai District. The results indicate that criteria of sea area royalty are closely related to sea level classification and sea area usage charge standards. At the beginning of sea-use rights transactions, criteria of sea area royalty for port transportation can be used as the evaluation base price for sea-use rights in government tender, auctions, and public transfers. Royalty criteria evaluation index weights are based on a synchronous-change rule accounting for social-economic development, ocean resources and the environment, and it is dynamically fluctuant.

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