This study uses an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and structural equation modeling (SEM) to explore how respondents without engineering backgrounds view the road service quality in Taiwan. First, a first-stage questionnaire is conducted in Taiwan's Taoyuan County to develop an “Assessment Framework of Road Service Quality from the Point of View of Road Users”. The framework is used to assess the views of road users on road service quality. A second-stage questionnaire measures the priority placed by road users on the different aspects and assessment items of road service quality. The AHP results show that road users are most concerned about “road safety”, followed by “road surface”. In addition, as car and motorcycle drivers have a more direct perception of road service quality, the study develops a separate “Assessment Frameworks of Road Service Quality from the Point of View of Car and Motorcycle Drivers” for car and motorcycle drivers in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. According to the SEM results, car and motorcycle drivers have the highest concern about “road damage and smoothness” and “driving space”, respectively. The findings of this study can be a reference for road authorities and road engineers when monitoring and managing road service quality

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