This study utilized the NACA 0012 finite wings to investigate the effects of wing sweep angle (Λ) and angle of attack (α) on the junction vortex at Re = 8 × 104 . The junction-vortex structures are visualized using the surface oil-flow visualization. The junction vortex is classified as — separation, attached, bubble, and bluff-body wake modes. The separation mode occurs at Λ < 12° and α < 5°. The attached mode occurs at low α for a swept-back wing (Λ > 0°) and the bluff-body wake mode occurs at high α for a forward-swept wing (Λ < 0°). Furthermore, the bubble mode occurs at high sweep angle (i.e., high backward sweep angle) and high angle of attack. Moreover, the properties of velocity vectors, normal stress and shear stress are also detected and analyzed using an X-type hot-wire anemometer.

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