An integrated environment control system (IECS) is proposed to satisfy the requirements of IMO (International Maritime Organization) for ship hull painting. The IECS has four elements for environment control, namely, desiccant dehumidification, heating, cooling, and ventilation. Five operating modes are proposed, with each operating mode consists of one to more elements in the IECS system. Energy saving operating mode is selected based on the weather conditions and the conditions of painting work. Energy saving control strategy is applied to each operating mode. Theoretical energy models of the different operation modes are presented, along with the control schemes for the annual hourly operation. The calculation schemes presented include the energy performance for the elements of the integrated system, under different operating modes and operating conditions. The control strategy of the IECS system has been found to have the potential of 29.3% of energy saving against an actual painting plant that uses primarily desiccant dehumidifying system for environmental control

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