In this study, the influence of three mixture variables named Sand/Aggregate ratio, Liquid/Binder ratio and Paste/Aggregate ratio on the concrete properties were studied. The properties of fresh concrete including the slump, air content and unit weight were examined. In addition, the mechanical properties such as the compressive strength, elastic modulus and splitting tensile strength were studied. Results showed that the alkaliactivated slag concrete has superior strength. The 28-day compressive strength can reach 80% of the 90-day compressive strength. In addition, the influence of the Liquid/Binder ratio on the 28-day compressive strength is not as apparent as the water/cement ratio is for the ordinary Portland cement concrete. The trends of influences on the concrete properties for these three mixture variables are similar to those for the ordinary Portland cement concrete. It means that the experiences for making the ordinary Portland cement concrete should be able to be used for the alkali-activated slag concrete. This paper also provides substantial fresh-concrete and mechanical properties results for future development of the alkali-activated slag concrete mix design.

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