For post-tension prestressed concrete beams, both of tendons laid in metal duct and wrapped by plastic sheets are recognized as unbonded tendon by researchers, and the same equation is used to estimate the flexural strength. But the contacting conditions between tendon and its surrounding concrete are quite different for these two kinds of unbonded tendons. This study compares the flexural strength, crack distribution and crack width of beams with these two kinds of unbonded tendons and bonded tendon. The results reveal that the structural behavior of tendon wrapped by plastic sheets is between bonded tendon and tendon laid in metal duct. A modified equation is proposed to estimate flexural strength of tendon wrapped by plastic sheets. Reducing cost and shortening construction time are the main advantages for this kind of the prestressed beams with tendon wrapped by plastic sheets. After further investigation, it may be an alternative method for the post-tension prestressed concrete structure in the future

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