Mulberry lees were added to bread dough at levels of 10%, 20%, and 30%. Loaves were prepared using the straight dough procedure. Bread volume, crust and crumb color, crumb texture, flavor and overall acceptability were evaluated. Anthocyanin content of crumbs was determined for 5 days storage duration. The volume of bread was decreased (p < 0.05) as the mulberry lees addition amount increased. Overall acceptability of 10% mulberry lees addition bread was highest among all breads. There was no significant difference in crumb texture except the firmness of 30% mulberry lees addition was higher than other groups. Addition of mulberry lees increased the anthocyanin content of crumb. Oxidation of anthocyanin occurs in crumbs during storage. Mulberry lees could be added to bread within 20% level for enhancing the nutritional quality and characteristics of bread.

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