Diffraction of water waves with an array of bottommounted cylinders of circular cross section is studied. A vertically-integrated nonlinear dispersive wave model with inclusion of the wave breaking effect in a semi-empirical manner, in nonorthogonal curvilinear coordinate system is used for simulating linear and nonlinear wave forces on bottom mounted tandem placed circular cylinders. The wave model is in terms of the contravariant velocities. The mesh required is generated based on staggered grids on the freesurface. The matrix equation of the finite difference method is solved through an iterative approach at each time step. For outgoing waves Sommerfeld’s first order radiation condition is used. The free-surface elevation and hydrodynamic forces on each cylinder are calculated to illustrate the evolution of water waves and their interactions with cylinder arrays. Comparisons of linear and nonlinear force coefficients and relevant discussion for two and three cylinder arrays are presented in closing.

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