A numerical model is developed to investigate the waveinduced dynamic properties of a dual pontoon floating structure (DPFS) with a liquid container on the top. This model has to deal with two kinds of fluid domain: one is the incident wave domain, while the other is the excited fluid domain in a sloshing container. The boundary integral equation method (BIEM) with linear element scheme is applied to forming a 2D fully nonlinear numerical wave tank (NWT). The secondorder Stokes wave theory is adopted to give the velocity on the input boundary. The velocity potential and acceleration potential are solved simultaneously to obtain the contact forces on the DPFS as well as the liquid container. Summing the total external forces on the floating platform, we may form a system of motion equations. To establish an accurate and yet efficient numerical model is the goal of this paper, and it may lay a good foundation for the further study on the renewable wave energy devices or structural motion damping apparatus.

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