In order to reduce the cultural cost and increase the biomass of Spirulina platensis cultures, two basic culture media were used in the present study, the Zarrouk (Z9) and Provasoli's enriched seawater (PES) media. They were re-modified into five media by adding varied concentrations of NaCl, NaHCO3 and seawater (salinity). S. platensis could grow well in all of these media. The Z9 medium provided the best growth rate at the end of culture and the PES medium provided the best initial growth curve slope. After the media were shifted from PES to Z9, the long algal filaments fragmented to form many short filaments within 5 days of culture. Those short filaments then straightened into less spiral forms due to the ingrowths of active cell division after 7 days of culture. This media shifted batch culture is simple to operate with the lowest cost and the highest biomass in laboratory scale culture.

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