Seaweed-oligosaccharide-lysates (SwOSLys) Gra-C108, Mon-C108, Gra-AS-II, or Mon-AS-II are seaweed polysaccharide extracts (SwPSExts) Gra or Mon, which are digested by either Aeromonas (A.) salmonicida MAEF108 crude agarases or Agarase AS-II that was produced from marine bacteria A. salmonicida MAEF108. High-performance liquid chromatography revealed that there were neoagarohexaose and neoagarotetraose in both Gra-C108 and Gra-AS-II and that neoagarooligosaccharide was absent in both Mon-C108 and Mon-AS-II. The polyphenol content of SwOSLys was higher than that of SwPSExts, though without significant difference (p < 0.05) on lysates, as digested by crude MAEF108-agarases or Agarase AS-II. Comparison of the chelating effects of GraC108 and Gra-AS-II on Fe2+ shows that not only do the polyphenolic compound but also the neoagarooligosaccharide show antioxidative properties.

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