This research utilizes two kinds of materials to fabricate the ideal shape of microneedles, polymer microneedles and silicon microneedles, with 236 µm and 350 µm in height respectively. First, we utilize the turning model technique to fabricate the polymer microneedles. The silicon wafer with V-groove is used as the model and the SU-8 2050 is the main material of microneedles. In addition, we also use the silicon as the material and adopt the wet-etching technology to make the silicon microneedles. By the characteristics of anisotropic etching and undercut, the silicon wafer will have the fast-etching plane and form the shape of microneedles. In the final, all the microneedles will be tested on the artificial skin and the results show that the test reagent can permeate into the artificial skin uniformly. We expect the experiments will provide advantage for the bio-medicine technology in the future.

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