The study analyzed the fully developed laminar flow in a channel with longitudinal rectangular beams arrayed along the channel width. The governing equations describing the fluid which flows along the direction of the beam length are expressed with double Poisson equations and are solved by eigenfunction-expansion and point-match method. The effects of cross-sectional area and aspect ratio of the beams are investigated. Dimensionless velocity profile, mean velocity, and friction factor multiplied by Reynolds number in the channel are presented for analysis. Initially, a comparison of fRe for a special case is made. It is found that the predicted fRe of this work tends to approach that of a parallel-plate channel case for smaller A and ar. A further study shows that increasing the cross-sectional area of the beams will lead to a decrease both in the mean velocity and fRe values. For a fixed cross-section area of the beam, as the beam height increases, an increase in the mean velocity and volumetric flow rate of the fluid but a decrease in the fRe is obtained

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