The developing mixed convection heat transfer in inclined rectangular ducts with wall transpiration effects has been investigated numerically in detail. The three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations and energy equation are solved simultaneously with the vorticity- velocity method. For a given combination of governing parameters wall Reynolds number, Rew, aspect ratio γ, modified Rayleigh number, Ra* , and mixed convection parameter, Ω, the solution is evaluated by a marching technique. The effects of wall transpiration and the inclination angle on the distributions of the bulk fluid temperature, the local averaged friction factor and Nusselt number are emphasized in detail. Both conditions of uniform heat flux and wall temperature have been analyzed. Results indicate that increasing inclination angle contributes more buoyancy convection in axial direction and results in higher fRe and Nu. The heat transfer of suction is larger than that of injection. However, the behavior of friction factor shows the opposite trend.

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