In order to enhance engine efficiency and decrease pollution emission, the relative experiments with mixed fuels were involved in this paper. For example, the synthetic fuel derived from waste bilge oil was mixed with heavy oil or bio-diesel separately, in addition, the accelerant so as to increase the viscosity of mixed fuel and decrease pollutant emission was added to mixed fuel to promote engine combustion efficiency. Firstly, various mixed fuels were sent to Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute of Chinese Petroleum Corp to detect the characteristics of heating value, flash point, volatility, viscosity and contents of nitrogen, chlorine & sulphur etc. The previous feasible tests of mixed fuel were performed by Lushan (brand name) small engine (3Hp) and the generated power output and hydraulic dynamometer detection for engine (full) load were experimented by Zhengyu (brand name) diesel engine. The test data was applied to evaluate the feasibility of the besting mixed fuel individually with the parameters of engine efficiency and pollutant emission.

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