Laboratory experiments were conducted to investigate the generation of an internal solitary wave (ISW) in a two-layer free surface fluid system in wave flume (12 m × 0.5 m × 0.7 m), which included wave channel and compartment. There is filled with stratified twolayer fluid system in the channel and small compartment, respectively. These two regions in the wave flume are separated by a movable vertical gate at one end of the flume for generating the ISW (internal solitary wave). An ISW generation is thus caused by gravity collapse upon raising the vertical gate. Given positive potential energies, an elevation-type ISW is followed by an anticlockwise overturning motion at the interface; on the other hand, an ISW of depression-type was generated by clockwise motion. This paper presented physical properties related to wave generation in a stratified fluid in laboratory. In the wave flume, the stable wave propagation, either elevation-type or depression-type ISW, is influenced by environmental condition. An ISW of depression transferred into unstable fluctuation instead of soliton feature whilst the upper layer thickness is greater than the lower layer thickness. Similarly, an ISW of elevation reduces its wave amplitude and causes trailing oscillation followed with the leading wave.

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