The performance of heat insulation, sound absorption and insulation of ship fire protection materials is experimentally investigated in this paper. The fire protection materials of rock wool 60 k (60 kg/m3 ) and ceramic fiber 80k (80 kg/m3 ) are tested to show the requisite minimum thickness for the regulation of IMO heat insulation A class. The results show that the heat insulation performance of ceramic fiber (25 mm) and rock wool (50 mm) meets the requirement of A-30 class bulkhead. However, the composition of ceramic fiber (25 mm) and rock wool (25 mm) with the ceramic fiber exposed to fire can satisfy the requirement of heat insulated A-60 class bulkhead. Both of the two materials with the thickness over 25 mm have the value of noise reduction coefficient (NRC) over 0.72. The steel panel, with the sound transmission class (STC) 45, dominates the sound insulation capability of a bulkhead assembled by the steel panel and fire protection materials.

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