This research proposes an Object-Oriented Database (OODB) system that integrates computer-aided systems and parts component repository to automate a traditional propulsion shaft design for a shipyard. The software system is based on three concepts: an objectoriented graphic user interface, a parametric design, and a shared component database. Calculations of strength, alignment, vibrations, and sag & gap for the shaft design can therefore be completely integrated. All of the data produced in the CAD processes can be managed, integrated and applied in the OODB system. Furthermore, to easily integrate the systems developed at different periods of time, a Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) infrastructure is introduced to facilitates an object-oriented data flow bus exchanging data during the design stage. In the estimation or design process, all of the design and drawing output can be completed in a considerable short time. By integration of the shaft design process, precise estimation of design cost can be determined. A highly efficient production can be made due to the fact that working hours, costs and construction span times are reduced.

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