The Journal of Marine Science and Technology (JMST), presently indexed in EI and SCI Expanded, publishes original, high-quality, peer-reviewed research papers on marine studies including engineering, pure and applied science, technology and management. The full text of the published papers is also made accessible at the JMST website to allow a rapid circulation.

JMST aims to formulate and improve marine policies and strategies, design innovative marine technologies and management, and fill the gap between theory and practice in marine studies.

Current Issue: Volume 30, Issue 2 (2022)

Research Articles


In situ observations of fish attraction to light-emitting diodes on an undersea observation deck
Makoto Tomiyasu, Yoko Tanouchi, Yasuzumi Fujimori, Minato Kaji, Takuma Hayashi, Naoto Matsubara, Hiroki Yasuma, Susumu Shimizu, and Seiji Katakura