This paper proposes a passive fuzzy controller design methodology for stabilization of the nonlinear lift feedback fin stabilizer system of a ship. The proposed design approach is developed based on multiplicative noised Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model and parallel distributed compensation control technique. Applying the Itô’s formula and the sense of mean square, the sufficient conditions are developed to analyze the stability and to design the controller for stochastic nonlinear systems. The sufficient conditions derived in this paper belong to the linear matrix inequality forms which can be solved efficiently by convex optimal programming algorithm. Besides, the passivity theory is applied to discuss the effect of external disturbance on the system. Finally, the proposed systematic design method is applied to the fuzzy controller design of lift-feedback-fin stabilizer systems of a ship. The simulation results of lift-feedbackfin stabilizer control system of a ship show that the proposed passive fuzzy controller design method is effective.

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