Piled-raft systems are often suitable for foundations of highrise buildings to increase the bearing capacity and reduce the excessive settlement of foundations. However, the conventional design of the piled-raft foundation commonly ignores the bearing effect of the raft. A parametric study on the piled-raft foundation performance including the bearing effect for typical Taipei Subsoil is investigated using 3D FDM program, FLAC 3D. Input parameters of the parametric study are back calculated from a series of static pile loading tests implemented on the jobsite of TIFC (Taipei International Financial Corporation or Taipei 101). Parametric study results show that the loadcarrying ratio of the raft depends on the number of piles of the pile group and the level of loading applied to the piled-raft foundation. This also shows that the raft of the piled-raft foundation is capable of sharing load. In addition, the settlement, differential settlement and bending moment of the piled-raft foundation are also discussed in this article.

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